Amazon Deactivations

Discover The Steps To

Reinstate Your Amazon Seller Account

We will fully assess your Amazon Seller Account or Listing. This is much more than just reading your Amazon Deactivation Notification. We will explain all of the steps needed to comply with all Amazon Policies, Rules and Requirements. We will ask you key questions during your​ RISK-FREE Honest Consultation and Amazon Suspension Case Assessment.

We will assure Amazon with specifics that you are ‘playing by all the rules’ and any violations of Amazon Policy WILL NEVER occur again. We will also make certain that it is understood that you know exactly what the Terms and Conditions of your Amazon Seller Account are.

We will lay out a set of recommendations to recover from and then protect your business from NEVER being deactivated again. We understand precisely what Amazon and the Seller Performance Team wants your business to start ​doing correctly.

Appeal Amazon Suspension is your best option for reinstating your Amazon Seller Account or Listing and also when you need to truly understand the root cause of why you were deactivated.

Our primary goal is obviously to get your Seller Account reinstated as quickly as possible and we do that in several very personalized ways…

It all begins with a comprehensive conversation about why you think you received that dreaded email. Then we’ll dig deeper looking at everything from your metrics to any warnings and any notifications that may have slipped by.

It takes this in-depth analysis in order to gain an overview of what has occurred and then to create a specific Appeal Letter geared toward getting you back online and reinstated as soon as possible.

​But there is much more to it than that…

We will also ensure that you are in full compliance with all of Amazon’s Policies, Rules and Requirements.

After that, we will help determine and make recommendations for what best practices you should implement to protect your business and prevent another Amazon Deactivation email from ever entering your inbox again.


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