Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to get reinstated?

The truth is that it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.  It depends on your Amazon Suspension and what sort of status your Seller Account is in.  We will have a better idea regarding a time frame after speaking with you and understanding your Amazon Suspension History, Seller Account, and business history.  Any company that tells you that they can reinstate you in a few hours is just simply not telling you the truth.

Can you help reinstate my account even after Amazon has told me, 'we have decided that you may longer sell on'?

Yes, absolutely and most definitely.  We specialize in tough case Amazon Seller Suspensions and Appeals.  We have handled the most difficult suspension cases over the years.  We have even reinstated Amazon Seller Accounts that have been suspended for years.  This usually involves a more meticulous Amazon Appeal and escalation to the correct Amazon Department Head, but we know exactly who and where to send your appeal to when the Seller Performance Team is being uncooperative.

How long does it take to write your Amazon Appeal Letter?

After studying your business and Seller Account, it usually takes about a day to create your Amazon Appeal Letter, sometimes less.  We fully understand that you want to get back to your business, but that is not exactly what Amazon is looking for.  Amazon expects and wants to know that you have thought about the reasons behind your suspension and have gone ahead and implemented the changes necessary so that your business will not be suspended again.  They also expect that you fully understand all Amazon Policies, Rules and Condition Guidelines and we include this information in your appeal.

What happens if Amazon requests more information?

We are with you throughout the entire Amazon reinstatement process.  If the Seller Performance Team requests additional information or has a question about a specific area of your Seller Account, we will go ahead and answer all of these requests without any additional cost to you until your Amazon Selling Privileges are Reinstated.

What do your services cost?

All costs are on a case by case basis… Call us now for a quote.  Just as each business is unique, each Appeal to Amazon is especially unique.  Until we speak with you and learn more about your business; what you sell, how you sell, and why you were suspended, we are unable to quote you an exact price.  After your FREE Phone Consultation and Amazon Suspension Case Assessment, we will have a better understanding of what will be involved to Reinstate Your Amazon Selling Privileges.

Can you guarantee reinstatement?

We’re sorry, the truth is no one can or should, and if you find a company that does, they are just lying to you until you give them your money.  We cannot offer a guarantee that your Amazon Seller Account will be reinstated, but doing nothing offers no chance at all.  Amazon always has the final say in all decisions to reinstate your Selling Privileges… However… When we agree to take on your Amazon Suspension Case, you can expect to have your Amazon Selling Privileges Reinstated.

Will you refund my fee if my appeal fails?

We’re sorry, no.  You are paying us for our time, knowledge and experience.  We only offer help to legitimate Amazon Sellers who have made an honest mistake with regard to Amazon’s Policies, Rules and Condition Guidelines.  If after your initial assessment we are unable to help you, we will tell you and explain why.  We will NEVER take your money if we feel we are unable to help you with the reinstatement of your Amazon Seller Account.  It is your responsibility to understand the nature of your purchase.

Here is the absolute honest truth about our company…

  • ​We will always personally guide you through the entire Amazon Appeal Process.
  • We will always be available to speak with you and answer any and all questions you may have.
  • We will always be completely honest with you about your Amazon Suspension and reinstatement expectations.


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