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It happens over five thousand times each week – Sellers receive a suspension notice from Amazon – but each instance is unique.

It’s just a leap of faith – with just one phone call from a specialized team leader extending a helping hand to an otherwise puzzled and disillusioned Amazon Seller.

But it’s a specialty that we are very good at…

Our team at Appeal Amazon Suspension has been selling online for 17 years. We also have a total of 22 years in marketing and online brand management.

From our beginnings as an Amazon Seller, with every issue we’ve encountered and every Seller we’ve helped, we have always focused our commitment to do business responsibly.

​Appeal Amazon Suspension began with the fundamental principle of helping other Amazon Sellers navigate through the ever changing and evolving Amazon Marketplace, with all of it’s written policies as well as it’s unwritten rules and regulations.

We strive to help the forgotten Amazon Seller with assistance in reinstating their Amazon Suspended Seller Account as the “giant” continues to grow and loses the need for the little guy just trying to make ends meet.

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