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Always keep your invoices handy for when Amazon calls for them… And they always will. Amazon ONLY accepts paid invoices that prove a valid supply chain from verifiable wholesalers and distributors that have the rights to re-sell from the manufacturer, thereby giving you the rights to re-sell that item. Amazon no longer accepts any other invoices…

Performance and Policy Notifications

Always answer every notification you receive and be proactive to keep your Seller Account Healthy. Not answering these notifications will ultimately lead to an Amazon Deactivation. There is a reason each notification has that little red flag in your Seller Central Home Page… Amazon is warning you it’s very important!

Warning Signs

Performance and Policy Notifications, Negative Feedback, FBA Return Reports, and Buyer Messages that contain complaints are warning signs that something you are doing needs a second look. Whatever it is… DO IT! If you have to remove inventory for inspection, review your listings for errors, or dump damaged inventory… DO IT! Do whatever needs to be done to keep your Amazon Seller Account Healthy!


Review, Review, Review Your Listings… Always review your listings on an ongoing basis, especially older inventory. Pages merge and other sellers make changes all the time. Make absolutely certain the ASIN, UPC Code, brand, quantity, size, picture, title, description and packaging match exactly the item you plan to list to the corresponding product detail page. Amazon Buyers expect to receive EXACTLY what they purchased!

Amazon Policy

Amazon’s Policies, Rules, and Condition Guidelines are there for a reason…
Always remember… It is a privilege to sell on Amazon, so don’t blow it. Work your business around the policies, not the other way around. Amazon is NOT a platform to learn as you go. Read them often, learn them fast, and if you live by them, your Amazon Business will thrive, making you tons of money and let you ‘Live the Dream!’

Always Keep Your Seller Account Healthy!


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